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App is getting somewhat close to an alpha version
So I have been working on my app and it's starting to …
My app is working, but buggy…
So currently my app is working and does a basic job of …

Hello there, I’m Leon

I’m a Youtuber, Musician, Gamer + I do DoorDash / DoorDasher, Instacart, Uber Eats, Spark / Walmart, Lyft & etc. This site is all about me.
This site includes lots of details about my life / what I do every day / my journey. Also includes everything I like whether it be music, movies, restaurants / etc. With lots more to come.

My Youtube Channels: MainDaily VlogsGamingMusic (opens in new window —mainly the only channel I post to is my Main channel currently, but may eventually get back to posting on all of them again some day)