Favorite Food

To be honest I hate most food in general, but some foods I enjoy for at least a little while. I think I am the definition of ADD so can only stand eating the same thing for so long. But below are a few of my favorite things to eat either lately, what I like to eat more than once without never eating it again. I also eat a decent amount of fast food as I do the apps and sometimes have to eat fast food even though I would prefer not so below will have a decent amount of what I eat off and on:

Currently eating: Pretzel Crust Pizza with Pepperoni & Pineapple from Little Caesars (to get the pineapple on it you have to order a side of Pineapple and hope the employee with put the pineapple on the pizza before it’s cooked, some will… some won’t lol)

McDonalds: Hot Cakes, Egg & Cheese McMuffin and Egg & Cheese McGriddle (been trying to stay away from meat on certain things lately, don’t get me wrong I still eat meat, but have been trying to eat a little less of it)

Arbys: Classic Beef n Cheddar, Crinkle Fries (been trying to stay away from meat & also fried foods, but both of these are decently good)

Taco Bell: Mexican Pizza was something I ate a good amount of when it came back until I got sick of it, but still is pretty decent imo. Been eating a decent amount of the Bean & Rice burrito lately (been adding beef and tomato to it as it makes it a decent amount better)

Subway: Egg & Cheese breakfast sandwhich, Tuna Melt, Spicy Italian all with added extra tomatoes + olives then pepper, lots of parmesan then honey mustard (sometimes I switch the sauces up) also sometimes I add the broccoli and cheddar sold to dip my sandwich in.