So today I did the apps and did eventually hit my goal, but I did have an order pretty much at all times (except when I had to take my car in for servicing, but that was actually quicker than I expected and so in total it may have taken an hour) and I barely hit goal by working for close to 12 hours total, maybe slightly less. It started out really slow so when that happens I usually take any order I get as I feel that any money is better than no money at all. Luckily I have a hybrid that gets minimum of 50 mpg up to 57 mpg depending on the weather and how much I use my heater or ac.

As I am typing this I notice 2 bees, possibly more in here… There must be a hive somewhere near by as I have been seeing at least 1 bee get in here at least once a day lately. Blah… So far I have killed 2 of them, there are 2 more, but they are both hanging out with each other, I feel if I kill one the other will sting me. They do be super slow to react though as I missed the second bee with my shoe but hit next to him and he stayed in the same spot. The ones over the last few days I have mainly been able to push out with a broom, but the current 2 are in a bad spot away from the door. I would really love to just go to bed so I can wake up early, but really don’t want to be stung in my sleep. As far as I know I am not allergic to them, it just hurts like hell to get stung lol. Reminds me of the time I was a kid and heard my sisters screaming and didn’t know what was going on so I ran faster after them and I ran directly into a swarming beehive and I got stung multiple times. Reminds me of the movie, “My Girl” starring, “Macaulay Culkin” and… don’t want to spoil the movie if you haven’t seen it. Watch it if you haven’t yet, it is a good movie imo. Almost want to watch it now if it is on Netflix. I am watching a movie currently, but this movie is boring me, has a good amount of female nudity and it could possibly be funny, but I am more focused on this blog and the bees in here than anything else. I just tried to kill one of them and not sure if he died, he fell into my light and don’t know if he survived or not, his friend by him didn’t move at all luckily. I tried to kill his friend, at first he just landed on my pillow, was able to get him on the floor and stepped on him then put his body outside. Totally prefer not killing anything unless I feel whatever I kill would kill me if they could. But yeah pretty sure these bees would kill me if they could. I know they are only insects, but I prefer not killing whatsoever unless I have to. Also the movie I am semi watching atm is Reno 911!: Miami.

I could go on about today as there were so many orders I wish would have tipped better. There was pretty much no double orders today either, well hardly any. Only good point about things as a lot of them were putting me back into the zone or close. I don’t think any of them put me too far out of the zone luckily. But still… took me forever to meet my goal for the day even though other days I do a lot less orders and still get past my goal by 8pm.

Currently I am working on my credit card debt, I mentioned that in a recent post, but I am hoping to get the rest of this credit card debt paid off by the end of June at the latest. As long as I can keep up with what I am making and I stay healthy I should get there. After that I will be working on my youtube more and also putting out my new album that I have been working on forever. I may split the album up in 2 parts, but I haven’t decided yet. I may put one album out with 12 tracks or so and put all the best tracks and mixes on the first one and then spend a bit more time on the rest of the tracks and put a second album out with 12 tracks or so later on.

The bee in the light was still somewhat alive, but mostly dead, I pushed the light over and he fell out and was still somewhat moving, so I made sure he was the rest of the way dead and threw him outside.

I decided to watch this movie because I watched Super Trooper recently and I did find it decently good and funny, so far the movie I am watching now just seems blah, then again am more focused on everything else. Eating a hoggie now and ready for bed. I plan on doing more blogs like this one where I am talking about exactly what is going on at the current moment. I think all the bees are gone, at least I hope so I would like to sleep soon. I am planning on grabbing some random beer I am not going to drink and placing it next to where the bees were and hoping they will drown in the beer instead of sting me in my sleep. As I was grabbing the beer to pour in a cup for the bees I noticed yet another bee on the ceiling. Meh, hopefully he leaves me alone as he seemed to mainly be sleeping. I don’t plan on messing with him unless it seems he will mess with me. My night isn’t quite over yet, but I do plan on trying to sleep soon this blog may be over for now or I may post a bit more, not sure yet depends on the bees….

Alright… I think I got them all for now, going to bed I need to wake up at 8am at the latest if I am going to catch my sons game at 9am. Night all, thanks for anyone that reads my randomness, lots more to come. 🙂

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