Here are things that I will be adding in the future and a list of recently added updates to this website.

Recently Added / Updated:


  • I obviously haven’t updated this website in awhile. I almost just deleted the site and gave up on it. I went ahead and renewed everything and plan to hopefully eventually find time to work on it again.


  • Added new videos from each channel to the main page
  • Also added links to each of my youtube channels to the main page


  • Added a Youtube page that includes links to all my youtube channels.


  • Added new merch to the store / AboutLeon.com Zip-Up Hoodie Unisex
  • Added last 2 blog snippets above the about on the homepage to hopefully make the page seem somewhat new as long as a new blog was posted. Planning on adding more stuff like this that is either featured stuff or something that changes often. Maybe a latest update section, among other things.


  • Made the about me block smaller: smaller image of me, smaller text and I hid the “home” title. I may increase or decrease the size in the future, but I did this as I will be adding a featured section soon that will change often and want it to be seen also once I add it.


  • Fixed a few links (more fixes are needed though)
  • Updated store and removed items, will be adding more new merch soon.


  • Updated site design, there is a bug with the contact us so removing the contact link for now, will try to fix it later. I will also want to change site colors + fix a couple links that aren’t working coming up among other things, but this is a slight site improvement.


  • Fixed social links
  • Changed site design (thought I added this already, but must have added it to my test site)
  • Still have more to work on with the new site design and it may change again eventually, but I think this design / theme does look a good amount better.


  • Changed site colors for now. Will be working on design tweeks coming up to hopefully bring the site to life a lot more.


  • Changed the All Blogs page to show a short version of the blogs that includes a Read More button to read the whole blog.


  • Added an AI Blog Category with sub categories (not today, but recently… forgot to make an update about it)
  • Updated this update page (removed things I have already done and added new things to eventually add to the site).


  • Added my Top 11 favorite Grunge / Alternative bands with links to their Spotify’s to the Grunge / Alternative favorites page.


  • Added a test site that is a clone / mirror of this site to mess with site design, try out new features and more before implementing it on the main site here


  • Tightened up the box colliders on the game Crazy Ball so the game is way more playable, before if you were a decent amount away from the hazards it would be game over, now you actually have to hit them before game over.


  • Added Jump Up to the Games page.
  • Jump Up now works better on mobile / fixed a small issue.


  • Added 2D Line Runner & Crazy Ball to the Games page.


Added Games to Media. Also added 2 playable template games, “Flappy Birds Like” & “2D Line Simulator” games (will eventually change the names and do my own additions to the games). Will also be adding other template games like these ones that can be played the way they are, but I will be updating them in my own way slowly, but surely. Will also make sure they are part of the regular site design and not just open in a new window coming up.


Added Blog Categories: The Apps & DoorDash (also added the other apps I do to The Apps parent category, will add them to the Blog Category page once I post at least one specific app blog)


  • Added an SSL certificate and changed the site to direct to https:// there may be some things that still go to http:// but I think everything should be considered secure now and should stop saying the site isn’t secure.
  • Added Mailing List to Others Menu Tab


  • Changed the Pictures page to include picture categories and added a few pictures to each category. Will most likely add further categories in the future plus will be adding lots more pictures.
  • Added a store page that includes my teespring store in a frame that stays on the site and also a link that opens the full store in a new tab.
  • Changed the site design slightly
  • Submitted page to Google Adsense so hopefully I will had ads on this website soon here, not sure if I will need to add the SSL first or not.


  • Organized both menus & added a drop down menu to the top primary menu.


  • Got categories somewhat going for now, but it is somewhat off on how I want it to be currently. I have spent too much time on it when I should be working, but will try to make it better after I finish doing the apps for the day.
  • Changed the blogs to stay as all blogs with the blog link in the menu and also included a category blog link for the categories. I will eventually change this with a drop down menu.


  • Changed main page to look a little better on both desktop and mobile.
  • Added Metal, Rap / Hip-hop & Country Favorites pages & added a few more bands / artists.


  • Added a favorite Foods page & link to the Favorites page.
  • Added a favorite movies / shows link to the Favorites page.
  • Added iframes plugin to be able to easily embed pages into this website, so I can add specific things like my teespring store into the site without having to leave the site (will work on doing that and things like that coming up).
  • Added a Pictures page with just a few filler pictures for now, will get albums / picture categories soon here and better pictures.
  • Changed the Store menu link to open in a new tab (eventually will be framed so it stays in the website without having to open another browser window)
  • Updated the home page to be tabled so the text and picture are next to each other. (Will need to work on this further to make it more mobile friendly)


  • Changed the music link to stay on this site and allow you to play my music without having to leave this website.
  • Added working Social Links to the main page.
  • Added a blog auto-poster, will still have to set it up, but will do that another day.
  • Added a picture gallery, will still have to set it up, but will do that another day.
  • Added a Google Ads plugin, another thing that I will have to setup later.
  • Added a menu plugin that should eventually help me get a well organized menu going at some point.


  • Added timestamps to blog posts and may add it to other things on the site, not sure yet
  • Added a video page that has thumbnails of the videos on my youtube and allows you to play my youtube videos from this website without having to leave the site.
  • Added more bands to Favorites Grunge / Alternative
  • Added the Rock / Classic Rock favorite page and added bands


  • Added Videos Link to the menus (currently just goes to my youtube channel, will change that eventually and make a specific page that stays on this site)
  • Added a Store Link to the menus (currently goes to my Spring Youtube Store, will eventually change it to a link that stays on site with merch, but will open to a new window to the merch on the Spring page)
  • Added a Music Link to the menus (currently just goes to the Somewhat Positive Spotify page, but will eventually add a link that stays on this site and has links to all the different sites I have my music on and will open in a new window)
  • Added a Grunge / Alternative page / link to the Favorite Music page and added a few bands for now.
  • Added a Video Games page / link to the Favorites page and added a few of my favorite video games.
  • Added a Youtubers page / link to the Youtubers page and added a few of my favorite youtubers
  • Added timestamps to posts, but I think the timestamps are off for previous posts.


  • Removed the About page as I didn’t find a point to having it as the whole site is about me
  • Added A Favorites page that will include all my favorite things
  • Added the blog page
  • Added this Updates page
  • Removed excessive text and what not on main page
  • Added a guestbook
  • Added a page counter that works on most pages, not sure it works on all though.

To Add:

  • Get blogs to auto-post part of blog to Facebook & maybe other socials with link to full blog
  • Ability to read the blogs from oldest to newest
  • Top 11 bands, movies, video games, etc to favorites pages
  • Links to bands, movies & etc in favorites
  • Add thumbnails to each gallery category on Picture page.
  • Add dark mode and possibly eventually multiple site color choices to choose from.
  • Add banner images for each page for example Pictures will have a image that says Pictures, Favorites will have a picture that says Favorites, etc
  • Add an image to top & bottom of site as a background to the menus so it will look a bit better than the plain black.
  • Add links to other sites besides Spotify to where my music is on the My Music page.
  • Update mailing list / giveaway page eventually. Giveaways will start again once all credit cards are paid off, but… I think I will update the mailing list page to reflect this.
  • Write A Blog about my recent experience at The Midway Cinema in Chehalis, Wa (May 6th watched Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3)
  • Eventually include Featured Content on main page (will feature one or maybe 2 or 3 things I want seen right away, possibly latest youtube video, a blog, a song, an ad for my newest album once released or etc)
  • Create mini games for the website + user profiles with overall levels that you get xp for doing different things on the site (examples: time on site, clicking links, buying merch, playing mini games, signing the guestbook, etc)
  • Change colors of the site / top and bottom menus for now until I figure out how to change the template to include images as the background of the menus. (still unsure on how to do that for now)
  • Re-add About Me page and put the main page stuff on that page. The main page will be changed to include a link to the most recent update, the latest blog snippet and eventually a featured content section.
  • Add a Shows / Concerts page
  • Add A Best / Featured Blogs Page
  • Organize Favorites A-Z
  • Add more AboutLeon.com merch to the store & organize / remove and change the store to make it a bit better.
  • Tried to apply for Google Ads, but got denied, so will try to get my site Google Ads worthy, but for now get a different ad host until Google Ads get approved.
  • Create a picture page where I take one picture of something from my day every day occasionally include them in blogs.
  • Create a page for updates to the site that were made awhile ago to shorten down the overall length of this update page (will do multiple pages like that as time goes on so each page isn’t super long).
  • Work on the site design and bring it to life…
  • Make the header menu better by including images instead of regular text.
  • Add a counter that tracks more details
  • than just clicks.
  • Add all menu links with no drop downs to the bottom menu.