So after my last blog post things did speed up luckily. I did end the day at my normal daily goal even though I didn’t start my day until noon. There was a few bad orders here and there, but most were decent enough.

I am going to focus on what I am currently doing which is eating pizza and watching Dirty Dancing. I will most likely add more to this blog, but felt I would at least say what I am currently doing just in case I decide not to add anymore.

Oh… the pizza I am eating is from Little Caesars: a pepperoni stuffed crust with added pineapple (interesting how you are not supposed to add any other topping to the promo, but paying for sides and putting them on yourself is what you pretty much have to do—luckily today I had the pleasure of dealing with an awesome employee that put pineapple on the pizza before it was cooked. I usually don’t like anything from there much except possibly their stuffed bread sticks which are decent. And I did have a regular stuffed crust with olive and pineapple recently that was actually really good. But… I am a fan of the pretzel crust pizza both stuffed and not stuffed as long as it is made correctly. I had one one day that had pretty much no cheese sauce and it was overcooked / it was the first one I had and thought it wasn’t good at all at first. As long as there is a decent amount of cheese sauce and it is cooked right it is really good (I know I probably shouldn’t be eating crap like I am, but I hate feeling like I am starving—which happens a decent amount as I get busy doing the apps and forget to eat so then I get to the point I will eat anything as long as it has a decent price and possibly lasts a few meal sessions like the pizza does. I usually only eat 2 to 3 slices max so 3 to 4 meals ($12 after tax and tip so $2 to $3).

So I bombed in here and have seen some dead bees in here so I think I am good, but I keep thinking I am hearing bees hitting the wall or windows, but I haven’t seen any luckily. Only bees I have seen are the dead ones.

I haven’t watched Dirty dancing in awhile and was scrolling through the Starz streaming service and saw it. My mom & sisters used to love this movie to death and I used to like it a decent amount also. It is nice to go back and rewatch it as it has been quite awhile since I have seen it.

I just finished my pizza and getting pretty tired not sure how much I am going to type, but may write a bit more…

I probably should work on updates to this site or at least come up with ideas that I will be adding coming up so yeah I think this blog is done for tonight and will get to working on that and heading to bed soon. Sunday sometimes is super busy so hopefully it will be tomorrow. I had a my busiest day a couple weeks ago and it was a Sunday. I made $477 in around 11 hours. My best day before that was $350.

Anyways, I am going to try to work on Updates and possibly go to bed, if I think of anything major I will add more to this blog if not thanks for reading! 🙂

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