I am just so busy with life and everything that I do that I haven’t been posting on here. I decided to at least add something again as I wore my AboutLeon.com t-shirt today and a customer asked about what it was. So I decided to get on here and at least post something…

I do plan on doing more to the site again, but I hopefully some day I can get to where I don’t have to work so much to keep up with everything. I do always get my bills paid, but I think I work at minimum 26 out of 31 days of the month.

I really need to get my youtube going good again and this website and figure out how to monetize it for extra income. Plus I need to work on eliminating more and more bills so I have more time. Plus I need to make sure not to get sick as that does lead to some much needed time off, but… it also leads to needing to work so much more to make sure to keep up.

Anyways, I need to try to sleep so I can work hopefully a full day tomorrow and be somewhat ahead of the game. It would be nice to be able to take a little time off towards the end of the month and work on both this website and on youtube. Some day I hope to get back to where I was and making as much as I was. I also need to figure out my next big goal as I pretty much lost focus because of things that happened in life. I almost gave up, but I am pushing myself to keep going and try to figure out what I can do next that will improve things in my life and hopefully make things better. I have accomplished some really big things, but I have a lot more to get done before my life actually feels like living again.

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