About to go to bed, but figured I would sit down and write a little bit before I do.

Currently watching The Breakfast Club to wind down the night to.

Today me and my son mainly watched youtube and played some Roblox. I actually like the last game we played a decent amount, “Strongman Simulator” was a bit better than a lot of the boring Roblox games, then again I only got so far in it so it may get pretty boring like a lot of the other Roblox games get. It seems like almost all the games are a money grab. Which usually doesn’t bother me on a lot of games, but… most of the Roblox games let you play for awhile then… they get increasingly difficult to progress anymore whatsoever without spending money. So far the Strongman Simulator is slightly different, but I am sure that will change and will be a major grind to get any further, but I haven’t reached that point luckily. Before that we were playing, “Punch Wall Simulator” which was decent, but yeah it is a grind, but still I never did hit the point of where games like I am with, “Anime Warrior Simulator” and many others like it get.

Enough with Roblox though… I dropped off my son at around 5:30pm or so and I feel bad, but he left his phone in my car (I bought him that phone and pay for the service so don’t feel as bad as I could be feeling right now though). But… I do feel bad as I think the main reason he accidentally left it in my car was because I didn’t give him anymore time on Family Link as I could have as I didn’t want him using his phone at home unless his mom said it was okay. So once his phone’s time expired he probably put it down and forgot about it. I need to work tomorrow to come up with money to pay off my next credit card… but… my son told me about his practice tomorrow and told him I might not make it as I really need to be working to accumulate money for my next card, but… for one I feel I should be there for at least a little while to support him playing basketball and also to get him his phone. I do really want to get these credit cards paid off by next month if possible, but I do want to make sure to be there for him. I really want to get my cards paid off so I can start having money to buy stuff to help with my goals in life.

Anyways, going to try to get some sleep so I can wake up tomorrow and get back to work. I think I am either going to start making sure to add notes to my iphone through Siri for things to write about or get a physical notepad and write down things to blog about.

I do have lots of ideas for things coming up, but for one I need to get the credit cards paid off and 2 I need to have money past paying the cards off for the ideas I have ready to go for both this website and for my main youtube channel. Goodnight, time for bed. Hopefully tomorrow goes well.

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