Sorry haven’t been blogging as much as I probably should be the last couple days. Just been crazy busy trying to make money and get these credit cards paid off. Currently working on just saving as much as possible up until the 1st of the month to pay all my minimum bills and hopefully be able to pay off 1 more of the credit cards by then. As long as I can do that I will just have 2 more cards to pay off plus what small balances I have got going on the cards to keep them active.

Today was decently busy for most of today, but I actually figured it would stay busy throughout the night, but it slowed down a decent amount at 9:30pm and then died once DoorDashes promo started at $2.50 an order. Most promos are worthless as they just get all the DoorDashers on at the same time and then it is hard to even get an order whatsoever. Only time the extra incentive seems to be worth it is when the extra money is added because of it being very busy to begin with, but not when it is a pre-set incentive put there to make sure it is covered for when they think it will be busy.

I still did pretty good today though, just was as good as a normal busy day, not quite what I would expect a holiday to take in. Still I can’t complain. Probably my fault for the orders I took as I took a few orders that I probably shouldn’t have as they just took longer than I should have because of items not being in stock and trying to get substitutes going, plus having to type items in as a few of them weren’t in the app and that always takes extra time.

Anyways, I probably should clean up around here, but I just want to go to bed so I can sleep and wake up and do it again tomorrow. I just want to be caught up already seems like it is taking forever. But… I wake up every day and tell myself I am getting pretty close to actually having things caught up enough to get back to youtube, release my album, promote my website and etc.

That is it for this one, lots more to come. I will try to make sure to have my Android phone charged for tomorrow so I can blog when I am out and about doing the apps.

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