Maybe I should have shortened that headline down as that is about the gist of today in total. I guess I can go on a bit about it. I am really happy to finally have my son staying over in my new place. I think I have said a bit about my place, but I really want to get it setup a bit better before I do a big blog / vlog about it. Hopefully after this weekend things will be decently settled and setup around here.

Also I did go up to Tumwater to start the apps (also delivered there and Olympia) and I figured it will be a slow process of getting used to things and the traffic is a decent amount worse. But I have dealt with a lot of driving over the last couple years and think I can pretty much handle anything. Only thing I really hate is when the freeway is just a dead stop (well at least if it is a dead stop I can mess with my phone / put music on a an audio book on or etc, I think a stop, then a tiny bit of a go, then another stop every few seconds may be even worse). Anyways, I only went up for a 2 or 3 hours and did alright. I got luckily with a big tip on a catering order for a Five Guys catering order and made $70 in that amount of time. I did a couple other doordashes and one instacart (shopped Fred Meyer for the first time and it seemed so massive compared to the stores I am used to in Chehalis / Centralia).

Anyways, heading to bed soon here / about to watch a movie with my son and hopefully fall asleep soon.

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