I did a few orders today then I realized my car just hit 25,000+ miles driven and needed it’s servicing done that Toyota does every 5,000 miles. I bought the car brand new it had only 8 miles on it when I first drove it. Off the top of my head I think I got the car around 7 months ago or so.

So now I am home for a few and figured I would at least make another post on my blog if nothing else. I may also try to get a quick youtube video done as I haven’t been posting as often as I would like to on youtube. I do plan to get back to a regular basis of videos once I get my credit cards paid off… which I am starting to get there. I am currently working on paying off my Best Buy credit card which currently has a balance of around $2700. I should have it paid off by next week if all goes right. After that I will have 3/12 left to pay off. My credit score is finally starting to go back up. I messed up by doing 2 car trades and having to make 3 down payments which I put on my credit cards and then I just bought a myriad of things I probably shouldn’t have, but I figured I would have them all paid off a lot sooner than this, but that was when my youtube revenue was a lot higher than it currently is. My revenue now compared to then is about 1/4 of what it was when I got pretty much all my credit cards maxed out.

I have big plans for when I get the cards all paid off. Will be releasing my new album… finally. Putting money into youtube videos that will hopefully turn out really awesome. Will switch from doing the apps: doordash, uber eats, instacart, spark / walmart, lyft etc all day to part of the day and make sure to focus on working on youtube videos before I get going on the apps. Maybe some days will be fully focused on youtube videos.

I have lots of plans and this website is one of them. I will be working on it every night from now on and update it at least by a tiny bit, if not a blog post at least some kind of change to the site. Also any free time I get I plan on making at least a quick blog post. Will try to get some focused blogs going instead of all over the place like this one is.

Anyways, I think that will be all for this post going to try to do a few other things before it becomes time to pick up my car and get back to the apps.

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