So today was a pretty busy day and I had a lot of good orders. I did however work around 13 & a half hours (that excludes breaks I took), but… it was my 2nd best paying day ever. I made right around $370 today. My best day was a couple weeks ago and I made $477, but I did get lucky with a $100 cash tip to start the day (for the most part, was probably on my third order). My previous best days were right at $350 (I think I have hit $350 twice before today). Certain Sundays do seem to be the best as there are a good amount of good Instacart orders. Today was a decent mix though. I think I made around $170 with DoorDash, $80 with Uber Eats and the rest with Instacart (right around $120 or so, but only took 5 orders to do so).

Second to last order I did tonight I got yelled at for parking in front of the customers cars & putting on my emergency flashers for a quick 30 second drop off at my drop off spot by the neighbors of said customer. They told me I couldn’t park there, I told them yes, I can. Then they told me they were going to report me to DoorDash, I told them to go ahead and do so. They tried to ask me a bunch of personal questions and I told them I do not have to answer those questions as I am just dropping off a quick DoorDash order. I went and dropped off and left. I tried to message the customer and apologize about his crazy neighbors as I was sure he was going to hear about it, but I didn’t get a response. I am sure he has to deal with them on a normal basis so I feel bad for him.

Publishing now as I am getting tired and not sure how much more I am going to type, may be a good amount more or this may be it. I haven’t turned on the tv yet to zone out to just yet as all I have done since I came home was starting working on this blog post for the most part.

Also realized it is getting close to summer and the one thing that bothers me about driving the most is the excessive amount of pedestrians jay walking—I could understand it if they looked both ways at least before they crossed—but… they just run across and expect no cars to be there. Luckily I always pay attention, but I have had to brake hard a many times because people can’t look both ways.

Driving can be annoying at times, mainly because of other drivers. Like yesterday I signaled to go into traffic and sat there for a bit, I didn’t see anyone and neither did my blind side protection so I went to go then a car going 60+ in a 30 sped up, almost hit me and blared his horn like it was my fault. Reminds me of how I love my car, but it does have some issues that I may make a full blog about in the future. Mainly if there is too much sun it can’t see cars coming, also can’t judge speed just distance, so if a car is speeding it won’t detect the car. Also my auto bright lights won’t work if it is too dark out. Another thing that annoys me is it doesn’t always remember what volume setting it was set at when I turned my car off and/or when I unplug my phone, so when I turn my car back on and plug my phone in, go to leave the customers house, the music turns on super loud (lately I have been trying to make sure to pause the music before I shut off my car and/or unplug my phone). The last thing I can think of off the top of my head that bugs me about my car is that sometimes the sound doesn’t work when I plug in my phone. It shows the song playing on Spotify, but no sound… At least now I have figured out how to fix it and get it to play again but… it is a process. I have to his audio source, click on FM radio then I go back to Apple Car Play and click back onto Spotify and click play and it will work again. I am not sure I have said on this site or not, but I have a 2022 Corolla Hybrid, I ordered it and got it with 8 miles on the tank. Within around 8 months or so I have put on over 25,000 miles.

Anyways, I am going to work on possible updates to the website while I semi-watch this movie. It is random on the Starz app. Watching Bachelor Party with Tom Hanks, doesn’t seem that interesting, but was something random to watch that I didn’t care about paying full attention to while I wrote this blog. This may be the end of the blog, not sure yet, but am hoping to add at least 1 update to the site before I go to bed.

I just realized it is 12:28am, time to go to sleep so I can do it all again tomorrow. Lots to come to this website and everything I have going on, just need to get all these credit cards paid off first. Getting there.

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