So today was my 2nd best day ever on the apps, it might have been my first if I pushed myself to go another couple hours, but I think right at 13 hours is long enough when I like to be able to get up decently early the next day and do it again. It technically was my best day ever if you don’t include the $100 cash tip I received at the beginning of the day. Which reminds me, I just saw the guy that gave me that tip at Safeway with his gf and he is finally leaving. He will be missed as he was one of my favorite customers and his gf was pretty awesome also. They were always super awesome to me and I think almost every order they tipped extra by a good amount on. The first order was a bit stressful and I might make a blog specifically about it, but it turned out good by the end of the order. They were 2 of my favorite customers on Instacart. I actually really like Instacart over most of the other apps as there are more hand it to me orders than the other apps and a good amount of real interactions even over the apps so it allows me to give better customer service and also get to know some of the customers and have “regulars”. The other apps have a bit of customers like that, but the focus is more, “leave it at the door” most of the time plus Instacart does a good job of matching customers that liked my service with me often so I get the same people a good amount.

Also added some new merch on the store / zip-up hoodies with printed on them (I think I may change the font of the text, haven’t decided just yet, I am tired) that you can buy here:

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