Today I am just getting up and getting going. Had what was left of a Blue Streak Monster that I got at the Dollar Store a few days ago and forgot about it as I forgot to buy Redbull’s last night. Then I went in the house and my roommate gave me a diet Redbull. So I should be good to go. I haven’t eaten yet, but debating on eating something here before I leave the house or just getting something while I do the apps. It can make more money sometimes if I just get something out and about depending on what I get. I want to get on a better diet coming up, but currently I eat a lot of crap / fast food as it is the cheapest quickest thing and I try to limit how much money I spend each day. I try, if possible, to hit my daily goal of $200 plus whatever I have spent in the day. That all depends on when I get up and get going and how busy the day is.

Grabbing my phone and getting the apps on now, will blog until I get my first order so this blog may be short lived or it may go on for a bit depending on how quickly I get an order.

Like I have said before I like to start with Instacart and do shopping orders first and foremost if there are any as I like to get the extra exercise, plus it helps me wake up. Whenever I get tired driving I almost always will take a large grocery order even if the order sucks to get my adrenaline going so I can keep going. Sometimes it is difficult to stay awake driving so much, but… I do have 3 things that help me stay awake: 1. an 8 to 12oz redbull when I wake up, 2. drinking a good amount of water and 3. Kevita Kombucha (I usually prefer the Coconut Acai Strawberry flavor for taste as it hardly even tastes like Kombucha, for the extra kick that seems to help wake me up a bit better I go with the Tart Cherry).

Now that I have got Instacart on and see no orders I am now turning on Uber Eats. Uber Eats is usually really slow around here, but the orders on average do pay a good amount better than DoorDash does. If I don’t get an order from either of those I will then turn on DoorDash and usually I get an order rather quickly, a lot of times it will be a smaller paying order, but gets me going and every little bit adds up. As long as I feel like I am 100% I usually take anything especially if it seems slow, because in my opinion, any order is better than no order. I usually stick to just 1 order at a time now, I used to do multiple orders at the same time and sometimes that works okay if they are short quick orders or I can keep track of what direction they are going. If the orders are both going in about the same spot doing 2 or 3 orders at once can be worth it. It is hard to keep track of that at times though. I usually prefer just doing 1 order at a time to try to make sure to keep my ratings up which all ratings are pretty good. 4.98 dd, 98% Uber Eats, 4.91 Instacart, Lyft 5, Walmart is usually 4.8 or so, currently at nothing as I haven’t done a Spark order in a couple weeks after the last crapshoot of an order I had last, plus I have only seen 1 order since then, almost like they limited the orders I can get (or maybe there is just too many drivers and pretty much can only get orders when at the store… or I need to get my acceptance rate up there more, it was at about 10% at one time and I have slowly got it up a bit to 54%, planning on working to get it up there more). I only focus on Spark when I have no other orders as I prefer not going to Walmart unless I have to, but I am add so sometimes I like doing Walmart randomly.

I just ate some pizza and now on the way to my first mediocre order on Instacart. Will most likely blog again later.

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