Just had an awesome customer that makes the day off to a good start. Said I was the best shopper ever. The original tip was good, but great comments like that from awesome customers make me happy and glad to be doing the apps. Anyways, off to my next deliver. The day so far is going well, hope it stays that way. 🙂

I also wanted to add that appreciation plus a big tip is even better as the other day I made $18 from the normal pay of the order and showed up and the customer went on about how awesome I am and a really nice guy. He also handed me $100 dollar bill so I made $118 off the order! Which was my highest paying order ever. Before that my highest was from a 7 dollar Denny’s order that I made that plus he handed me a $100 dollar bill.

Anyways, back to work again, today has been really good thus far and still a few hours are left in the day to make more.

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