Sorry, I haven’t been posting as much as I was and probably should be, but I have been really busy trying to keep up with everything and at least get the credit cards back at a manageable level. I had to buy a bunch of stuff for the new house so I put a decent amount back on the cards, but I am back to slowly, but surely getting them paid back down. Currently I am putting around $100 each day into paying the cards and saving the rest for other bills / rent.

I will be doing a lot more youtube coming up, but will be whenever I feel like posting and will be working on all 3 channels not just my main channel. My side channel will be going to strictly gaming, but will be sticking to games I know for sure I can post without having to worry about copyright issues. I will be posting more cover songs to my cover song channel and probably changing the name of it back to Leon House covers. Then my main channel will be whatever I feel like posting still. I have a lot of big ideas for it, but I do want to stick to edited content on it that may take some time and I won’t worry about posting on a regular basis and I may turn off youtube ads altogether for awhile and not worry about being monetized in that aspect. As I swear as soon as the first ad hits 90% of viewers leave and don’t continue watching. Before I never cared as I always included extra ads for extra money from the awesome viewers who continued to watch, but youtube has been weird lately as not only did I get that copyright strike, but I got a dip of a good 85% decrease in ad pay before I delete all my videos from someone watching a bunch of my videos / playing my playlists a bunch. And it said it didn’t matter if it was me or someone else doing it they were limited my ads because of it. And that was for sure not me doing it. Google ads used to be that strict back in the day, like extremely strict, but then they lifted a lot of things for small things like that happening, but obviously they are bringing things like that back. Which is crazy imo as I am sure lots of big channels have people that put their playlists on repeat just because they want to help support their favorite creator and now in turn it actually negatively impacts the channel one is trying to help.

Anyways, lots of awesome things are coming up to this website and to my youtube channels. Also lots more music to come.

Oh also my goals, almost forgot to go through what I am working on long term: 1. credit cards paid back down again, 2. get medical so I can quit smoking and be healthier, 3. get dental and get my teeth fixed, 4. get awesome videos going on my youtube channels, 5. get my taxes taken care of, 6. have everything in order to trade in my car for another new car by 100,000 miles (currently I am at around 43,000 miles) and 7. accomplish those goals and lots of little goals along the way, plus a lot more. I am finally starting to be somewhat happy in life again and want to continue to pursue happiness and really have the best life I can.

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