Today I made enough to get my regular bills paid, now it is on to making money to paid down the last of the 2 credit cards. Which 1 has a balance of $379.06 and the other has a balance of $1886.62 or total 2,265.68. As long as I stay healthy and can work full days I should have all paid off in around 10 days or so hopefully sooner. Afterwards I will finally be able to spend some money on myself, my youtube, my music, etc. I do plan on starting to save up money (I have already started to save a little through Acorns / saving whatever change from my purchases goes to my Acorns and going to continue to do that and it goes to buying stocks). I have a lot of big plans coming up for a lot of things, but first things first these credit cards have to be paid off.

I think I am heading to bed to get up and do it all again and keep pushing to finally be there. I will still be using my credit cards, but I will only be using them for 1 small purchase every month to get my credit score really good to refinance my car loan, keep getting more credit cards (to keep building credit) and eventually buy a house.

Anyways, going to try to get some sleep now, watching Breaking Bad before I do (I have seen every episode / season a good 5 times+ now, but always a good rewatch).

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