I know this will be a boring post, but it is about the only thing I have to post about that is on my mind to write about currently.

As always I have been working a good 12+ hours every day and am working on paying off all my minimum bills. I have everything paid off except my car payment and my rent. Which technically they are paid off as I do have the money for them, but… I am waiting to pay them until I for sure have enough to pay both and also enough to mostly pay off my next credit card. After I do that I will just have 2 more to go, but… I won’t have any other bills to worry about for the rest of the next month except those cards unless I forgot about something. I should be able to have them mostly paid off by the end of next month then… the next month will go towards little bits I have left over, but I don’t think that will take too long. So if all goes well in a little less than 2 months I will get back to posting on youtube, working on this website a good amount more and also finally releasing my album.

I have a lot of plans coming up once that happens and hopefully I will get everything figured out so I can some day really be happy in life and have everything together. This car was something I needed to do to make sure to make more money doing the apps, but… I just wish I would have been smart about it so it wouldn’t be taking me this long to get the credit cards paid off that I made the down payments on.

Anyways, going to relax for the rest of the night and hopefully get some sleep soon to do it all again tomorrow. Just another month or so and I can finally take some time off occasionally.

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