So today I woke up a little too early for going to bed so late. I thought I was fine and then got up and started to get going and then I realized I just feel blah. Drinking a Redbull currently, and will be drinking some kombucha and water and hopefully that will help me get the drive to do the apps today. I still have around $700 to go until I can pay off my Best Buy credit card. If I can keep going I should have enough by Friday, hoping that it will be sooner. Either way though I will have it paid off by next week at the latest. Then I will start working on paying off the next 3 credit cards. Will be around $5,000 to go and I will finally be caught up again and things will be a lot easier. Just have to push myself to get there.

So far I have turned on Instacart & Uber Eats. Would be good to get some grocery orders in as that helps to wake me up and also keep me awake if I am feeling tired. The long drives when exhausted are the most difficult to get through, but sometimes really worth the effort it takes depending. Sometimes it is hardly worth it, but as I always tell myself when it is dead and there are hardly any orders, any money is better than no money.

I realize I repeat myself a decent amount on these blogs and I most likely will a good amount in the future, for that I apologize, but… I do a lot of the same things each and every day currently. Planning on changing that once the cards are paid off. I want to feel like I am actually living my life again one of these days. I do have to admit working is a really good thing for me. I used to do nothing, but Youtube and making videos is fun and all, but staying home all the time / never leaving the house is really draining. It is also draining doing the apps each and every day for the most part. But… it is also good for anxiety to push past things that scare me. I used to have daily panic or anxiety attacks multiple times a day and a lot of it was caused by staying home too much, not eating right, not drinking enough water and focusing on scary news stories that would cause me to think I was going to die and I would cry uncontrollably and hyperventilate. Luckily things are going a lot better and I am pushing myself to always focus on the positive even though there is a so many things that are still very hard in life and so much I have to do to actually be happy again. I wouldn’t say I am sad anymore, more like an in between. I have my happy moments though and hardly get sad like I used to, but I have a lot more steps to go to really be happy again. I once was happy with life so I know it is possible and I will get there again just got to keep pushing and accomplishing.

Publishing this post now as I am going to turn on DoorDash and may get an order soon and if I do will be heading out. If I don’t get an order though I will probably post some more.

One thing about this website that I plan on trying to work on soon—if I can figure out what exactly I want it to look like—is to get the site design looking better. For now it will work, but I do want it to be just a little bit more visually appealing and also have organized menus so there isn’t so much text making it a bit messy looking. I also want to get a better mobile version going so it is easier to check out the site from phones and other devices. Once I get the site well enough together (it isn’t 100% there, but actually I feel it is pretty close for now), I will be promoting the website a good amount. I want lots of things going on with it that will be reasons for people to want to come back and not just checking it out once and never returning. I have lots of ideas that I plan on implementing in the coming months.

One thing I want to do eventually is post Lewis County News / Chehalis / Centralia Washington State type of stuff. This site is about me, so it won’t just be random news like The Chronicle posts, but news stories that include me. Something like going to a business and writing about the experience. Maybe sometimes like a review, but most likely just about what happened when I went there and random details about it. I guess somewhat like a review, but I don’t plan on tearing any businesses down in anyway (unless they give me a really good excuse to do so, like really bad customer service… then maybe). But I want it to stay somewhat positive (yes, that’s a play on words as my band that’s on hiatus is called Somewhat Positive).

Another idea that randomly came into my head is I may do some short stories type of things in the blog occasionally. I haven’t written anything like that I think since high school, but it sounds kind of fun. I do want to get the blogs organized by category of what they are about. I may do that somewhat soon here (possibly today) or at least a basic version of what I want it to eventually be. There is probably a plugin already made for wordpress for that which I will have to try to find if not I may have to code it myself which will take a good amount of time. I can do coding decently, but I am super rusty and I have no idea what goes into making wordpress plugins / what coding or how it is done yet. Will have to look into that for things that I can’t find a premade plugin for or for features I don’t want to pay for that I can just make myself if not too difficult. Sometimes just paying for something can be well worth not having to put the time and effort into something that will most likely not make the money I would have made in that time back. But.. learning new things is always a good thing and I really (I realize I use really way too often, I need to be using a thesaurus more, maybe in the future when I actually have readers? lol) want to get back to coding, making video games, learning how to edit videos better, etc.

So the reason I am still going on with this blog is because there have been zero orders since I opened the apps. Everything is dead for now, hopefully it picks up. I don’t mind the occasional somewhat lazy day as long as I can make at least $100 plus expenses and get stuff done around the house or be productive (like working on this website). My daily goal is usually $200, if I make it to that and isn’t either 10pm or I am not too tired to keep going I try to make daily expenses on top of that. If it is a really good day then sometimes I make a good amount more than that. When I first started there were days where I would sometimes only make $50 or less. Now that I have all the apps going I hardly ever miss my daily goal of $200 if I go all day. Usually I will go until I have hit my goal and keep going until I get a really bad order or just feel like I have had enough of the apps for the day.

Anyways off to my first mediocre order of the day. May post again if there is any dead moments.

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