So today I finally made enough that I can pay off the last credit card, the technically is because I have to wait until Tuesday for my Spark / Walmart money, but after that I currently have $78.04 after paying off the last credit card. Another reason for the technically is because a few cards have a very small balance (almost all of any balances are at $5 to $10, but one is at $29.09).

This is somewhat of a good moment, but… I still have to look at the big picture which is I still have $2634.85 in bills to pay this month after getting the credit cards paid off. I think my next goal will be to getting my bills paid for one, then working on decreasing bill amounts overall so I have less to pay each month and hopefully I can start getting back into youtube, my music, doing more on this website and promoting each one of those. I finally have all my credit cards paid off pretty much, but still so much to go to finally be able to get things in order 100%, but I am getting close.

Anyways, watching Suits for a little bit before bed… It has been a bit since I have found anything I have deemed worth watching before old movies / shows I have already seen on Netflix, but so far I think Suits is pretty good (this is based off of seeing the pilot season 1 episode / episode 1 and watching most of episode 2).

Lots of stuff will be coming to this website, hoping to either get this design slightly better or get an even better design going soonish here.

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