I woke up and got going and made a few dollars and then I just crashed hard and couldn’t wake myself up enough to keep going. So I took a nap. Am awake again and back at it for a few hours. Sometimes I just need the extra sleep I think. Thought I was getting sick, but since waking up I do feel a decent amount better at least in terms of being awake.

I am currently waiting on a Spark / Walmart order. This wait is the main reason I prefer not doing Spark over all the other apps. Seems simple enough to just pull up, pick up the items and go… but the issue is I never know what the wait time will be—could be 2 minutes or it could be an hour (then again they didn’t change things as Express orders were the cause of it taking over an hour at times as the app would want you to be at the store right away even on big orders so you would have to wait the whole time while they shopped the orders, they did change it to where Spark drivers shop all Express deliveries which makes sense). But still obviously things aren’t perfect yet as I have been able to type this whole blog up to this point on my Android phone and I still haven’t received the order. Luckily this one pays well enough to hopefully make it worth it for the most part (I still have to drive 13.5 miles to deliver after pickup, but… it is on the freeway line which makes it better and not out in the middle of nowhere, which makes it a lot worse).

Anyways, I just picked up the orders so I better get on my way to deliver them.

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