So today I paid off my Discover card (or 90% of it / around $200 left on it’s balance) now all that is left is to pay off my Mercury credit card with a balance of $1960.88 then I have a bit of clean up to do on the rest of my credit cards / small balances on my 13 credit cards. I will be paying whatever I have made up until next Sunday on my Mercury credit card. Then after that I will probably have to make sure to get all my minimum bills paid off for the rest of the month then finish cleanup as soon as I get all my bills paid. Technically once I get my Mercury card paid I will pretty much have accomplished my goal of getting my cards paid off by the end of this month, but yeah… I still want to get the rest of the balances paid off before I get to my next goals, “posting to youtube often again, releasing my album, buying things to better my youtube videos (ie new cameras, paying for the full version of Davinci Resolve, etc), putting money into my youtube channel (ie paying people be my camera people, paying for views through google ads, etc), buying things for myself (like getting my own Nintendo Switch again, buying new clothes (all my pants are falling apart / holes everywhere lately, going to have to buy at least 1 new paid of pants tomorrow as I think every single pair I have. I have thrown away except 2 / the one I am wearing (which has holes in it and need to throw these away) and the ones I was about to wash to wear (which I realize have holes in them and need to be thrown away also) & shoes, a new desk (the one I am currently using is barely holding together and if I am not careful it falls apart… I had my laptop slide off of it as it came apart one time, luckily it just slid off and was fine afterwards, a dresser would be good as all my clothes all get mixed together and I have to look through them each time I change my clothes, promote my website and etc (pretty sure that was a really badly put together run-on sentence, but whatever I’m tired lol).

Anyways, going to watch, “Hook” a bit more and then try to get some sleep to do it all again tomorrow. Today was pretty good, but at the 13 hour point I just couldn’t go any longer even though I was hoping to at least go 14. Eh, I maybe could have pushed myself, but I feel it is better to make sure to sleep and stay healthy then to either get sick or fall asleep at the wheel. There is always another day to make more money as long as I stay healthy.

P.S. Pretty sure I forgot to mention anything about the image I included with the post. I have finally got my credit score back to a decent and is about to be in the good range again. I think it is better than it has ever been as before I went to get my first car I think my score was at 680 according to credit Karma (720 according to loan letters I got).

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