So I got a copyright strike that I tried to submit a counter notification to and it got rejected, usually youtube allows you to submit a second one that usually fixes the problem as the company who strikes you either has to take you to court over the money made from the video (in this case maybe $100) or the strike gets removed. But… youtube did not allow me to submit a second notification so… I decided to remove pretty much any video that includes any kind of copyrighted content in it whatsoever just to be on the safe side. This will be a decent revenue hit on me, but… I would rather keep my channel and start over as it is better to delete the videos now and make $0 from youtube for a little bit than losing my whole channel and other channels and get removed from youtube forever. It really sucks as I have even been contacted from the mobile developers before over possibly getting a brand deal to promote their games, but decided against it as I like to play and promote games the way I like to do it. I may take some brand deals coming up though as that is an easy way to make money off youtube when I will not be getting pretty much any youtube revenue coming up. I will still be playing games on my channel coming up occasionally, but will be making sure they are 100% safe games where the app developer gives explicit permission to be on the safe side. I probably would have been fine through this, but… if the developer wanted to they could strike other videos that include their content and get my channel completely removed. It sucks that just 1 copyright strike on youtube now limits your ability to make money on youtube until you complete copyright school and you can eventually get your monetization back as I am pretty sure when this strike hit I made no earnings from that point forward as my earnings showed a huge dip to almost nothing on the day it hit (I didn’t realize I had the strike until today). Only videos I am keeping up are videos that I either know the games are 100% safe or videos of just me with no other content. I will be posting again now and making sure to get back to it and hopefully I can at least make something from youtube coming up and hopefully eventually make way more than I ever did. I plan on just making regular vlogs for the most part for now and hopefully get a really cool video in here and there.

I might delete everything back to 0 videos on everything, but do want to at least download a few videos that I may reupload later or just good to look back on the past and see where I was then and know where I am now.

Anyways, going to get back to deleting the videos as quickly as I can and will be getting back to it as well as I can, but will also need to be working even more as I will have no youtube income for awhile… blah.

All videos are being deleted by the end of tonight and my channel is now renamed to Leon House / LeonHouseDotCom but may rename it even shorter to LeonHouseDotCom to match this website or if that gets rejected just Leon House.

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