So after today I now have enough money to pay off my next credit card. I just have to shift money from one account to the other which I will do tomorrow and then the next credit card will be paid off which is a few days earlier than I was planning on being able to pay it off which is good. My goal was to make sure to have all bills paid off and my next credit card paid off by the 1st of June and am there by today the 28th of May. So 2 credit card left to pay off or $3,719.68 to go. It is a decent amount still, but all my bills are paid so any money I make up until the end up next month will go to those credit cards. If all goes well by the 1st I should be able to pay at least $719 on one of the cards which will bring the balance down to $3,000 then I will just have that to go. It has been a long process getting caught up, but getting there. We will get there, I just can’t wait to finally be able to say that I am there as so many big things are coming once I get there.

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