So I don’t want to say much as I just mainly want to sleep so I can do everything again tomorrow, but felt the need to at least post something.

Today went decently quick and I made my goal plus an okay amount. I am about $1000 away from paying off my last credit card—it is currently at a balance of a little over $1900. But I plan on making as much as I can up to the end of Friday and whatever I make up to that point will go to that credit card. Then from Saturday on to next Friday _ my youtube money on the 21st (which is way down from what it used to be) will go to my normal bills (ie rent, phone bills, misc credit card minimums, car payment and car insurance) then once I get my regular bills paid off again I will have to do another final push to pay off remainder of the small balances (was hoping to pay off the remaining balances first, but paying off my regular bills that start becoming due around the 21st is probably best so I don’t have any late payments on anything). At least that is the plan at the moment. I may sell a bunch of my stuff to have the misc small stuff paid early, but debating on that. I do know I want to have everything paid up as quick as possible so I can get back to youtube asap as my views are down massively and soon here I won’t be getting any revenue from youtube unless I do something about it.

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