First day trying to get content didn’t go so well. I was only able to manage to ask one person about doing a youtube video with them. Figuring out people who are okay being in youtube videos may be harder than I thought so I am not sure if the daily series will work like I was hoping so it may start out being a weekly series to start with until I can figure this out. I think it is a great idea, but got some figuring out to do.

Anyways, off to relax for a few and head to bed. Going to keep brainstorming ideas for anything that can work while I am out and about that I can at least make daily shorts on. I may start posting daily on my side channel or make another channel focused on random videos that I post every day that are just whatever. I think I will change my current second / side channel into a specific gaming channel and create another channel that is for random shorts and whatever random content, but I want to go back to the basic where I started and get a channel going where I make sure to post at least 1 video a day no matter what that content is even if it is just a video where I am talking for 5 seconds. So yeah, I think I have decided as I am posting this that I will be creating a new channel with daily content every day. I think I will call it, “Leon House Daily” or something like that. And be changing the names of all my channels. Main will probably just be, “Leon House”, music channel, “Leon House Music”, second channel, “Leon House Gaming” and my daily channel, “Leon House Daily”.

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