So last night I created a page for Games & added it to the Media dropdown menu. I added a couple base template games and will be adding a lot more moving forward. I will slowly, but surely be editing each template game, changing the name to something else and making each game something I would consider my own. For now each game will start at the base level that someone else created, but still somewhat playable. I will be adding levels, coding, sprites and more to each one slowly, but surely. I will have the ones I have done the most to at the top of the games list and the ones that are still mainly templates will go towards the bottom of the list. Eventually I may post some on the Google Play Store & possibly the Apple App Store if I get any of them to a level I feel has enough of my own work in them and changes to actually be my own game (that will probably be a long time down the road as these games will be on the bottom of my list of all the things I do every day, but will be doing little tweaks to them and hope to eventually create some awesome things out of these template games.

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