So I decided I am going to start posting to all 3 of my channels: My main channel (will be occasional edited content, hopefully at least once a month), side channel (often random videos, most likely mainly quick gaming videos of games I know for sure I shouldn’t have any copyright issues posting) and my music channel (I think I will be changing the name of it again to just, “Leon House Music” or something similar and it will include solo acoustic cover songs like I was posting before, but I plan on getting back on track and posting on a somewhat regular basis again, hopefully at least one every month to hopefully every 2 weeks).

I was going to just post on my main channel, but I know it is somewhat dumb of me, but I am somewhat scared to post too much to that channel and also want to post good quality content on that channel or at least edited content that I hope I will eventually get some awesome videos going and eventually get into a flow of things where I post good videos that I don’t have to worry about copyright issues often. But for now I just plan on posting to my side channels more while I get back into the flow of youtube again as I feel crazy rusty and am unsure of what to post on my main channel.

Oh also I am eventually going to be deleting a few videos off my side channel just in case of copyright issues on that channel also (I don’t have to worry about it so much now as I shouldn’t get hit with any kind of copyright strike as it isn’t monetized, but still in the future I hope it will be monetized again and always best to prepare for the future). Oh I also need channel art which I plan on getting going sometime soonish also.

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