So Google Ads finally reviewed this website and currently it says, “
Needs attention” and when I click on that I get, “

Make sure your site follows the AdSense Program Policies. After you’ve fixed the violation, you can request a review of your site.

Low value content

Your site does not yet meet the criteria of use in the Google publisher network. For more information, review the following resources:

  1. Minimum content requirements
  2. Make sure your site has unique high quality content and a good user experience
  3. Webmaster quality guidelines for thin content
  4. Webmaster quality guidelines
  5. Not sure how to end WordPress creating a list… lol, but… I guess I will need to figure out how to make sure to have high value content or figure out other ad providers to use as I am not sure at the moment of the real reason I got denied for ads for this site. I wish the real person that reviewed it actually wrote a 100% reason and ways to fix it instead of automated crap like this is, but it is what it is and I will be working on it, but the next step will be working on getting the next best thing / whatever is another ad provider that will provide ads for my site so I can make at least a few pennies off of the site to start with. I do plan on making this website really good overall, but I may have been rejected as the site isn’t 100% yet even though I have added a lot to this site already. Will be looking into it and hopefully I can get this site 100% in the eyes of Google… It is what it is. As with anything it all depends on who reviews it as I have had youtube videos not approved for ads by 1 person that reviewed it, but the next person gave it the go. So yeah not sure, but will try to fix things and hopefully get approved for Google Ads eventually if not or either way, will see about getting another ad provider for now to help me make at least something from this website.

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