So I got my own 3 bedroom 1.5 bath house, I didn’t buy it, I am renting it (for a good amount of money), but the location makes it more than worth it. I plan on going more into details on the location and probably will make a video on it soon. But… that means a lot of my plans will be put on hold, but… that doesn’t mean I won’t be getting back into youtube heavily (the big videos I had planned probably won’t be coming out currently, eventually I plan on them, but I still will still be needing to work heavily so I can afford my new place). Again that doesn’t mean I won’t be posting to youtube more now as I do have my own place with my own office and no roommates (well except my son which I am hoping he comes over a decent amount). So I should be able to start producing videos again, but will most likely have to get back into the quick live commentary videos I used to do—which I still enjoy making, just won’t be the big videos I was planning on making yet, I make some of the type of videos I was planning on making, but most likely on a slightly lower scale than I was planning on. Eventually though if I can get back to the kind of money I used to be making on youtube plus doing the apps on a regular basis I should be able to get to the videos I had plans for eventually. I do have to work the apps heavily to afford this place, but I am where I have always wanted to be, just hopefully it works out how I have always envisioned it would. More details to come as time goes on and an eventual house & studio tour video coming, but that’s about all I want to say for now.

Time to try to get some sleep as I have a long day ahead of me. I got 99% of all my stuff moved from my old place to here, now I just need to clean and hopefully sell the trailer I was living in for as much as I bought it for or at least enough to pay an extra months rent here. Will be working on this website more often too and promoting it little by little as I do at least have a good space for it all now. Just got to put all the pieces together and really get things going even better than they already are.

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