So no matter if I am caught up completely or not, I am going to get back to youtube and going to try to make sure to record at least some kind of video every day (I probably won’t post every video I record, but… will have videos to choose from to post & I plan on posting at least once a week possibly more depending). I also am not sure if I will get any of the big video ideas going or not anytime soon, but will be posting at least something at least once a week and push myself to be getting back to it as my youtube is seriously dying. I did record one video so far that I am going to be working on slowly, but surely editing and I think I will post it possibly. Going to be recording a lot of misc videos and trying to get my editing up to par on the videos I record and hopefully figure out how to quickly edit decent videos. I will be giving myself a deadline where I have to post at least something no matter how bad the video is though.

Also going to be buying more merch / advertising gear to help promote and have a few other ideas for the website that I will be working on when I have the time. I would really like to get the credit cards paid off again and make sure to stay up to par on regular bills sometime soon here. I do have a good amount of credit currently, but I really want to reserve it for emergencies like getting sick and not being able to work or a big expense that I feel will really improve cash flow overall. I would prefer being on top of things to where I can buy whatever with cash though so trying to work on that currently.

There has been some complicated stuff going on currently, but it is one of life’s curve balls, happily ever after usually comes with complications and I am dealing with that now… Hopefully all will blow over and things will be good eventually as this is where I have wanted to be for a long time and I worked my ass off to get here.

Anyways going to work on stuff around the house, watch Suits a bit more and go to bed to work tomorrow and hopefully get the trailer sold. At this point I don’t care what it sells for as long as I get rent paid for a month. I have a feeling that if I push to hard to get it sold for what I want might actually cost me a good amount of money in regular earnings and might actually cause me to lose money.

Bye for now guys, lots more stuff to come on this website and my youtube. I have lots of plans in place and new goals to accomplish.

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