So I don’t see this too often, but… I felt I would make a post specifically about certain restaurants, well just 2 around here and just 2 employees, so I don’t run into this often, but… I felt I would make a post about it. I will not name which places I am referring to and will not name the employees, but felt the need to make a blog post about it. Anyways…

The experiences I have had were a bit unexpected. 1 was a manager and the other was a cook. I guess I will start with the cook. He has said things like, “DoorDash again…”, “I hope this company goes out of business soon”, “I have to make all this food and only get paid $4”. I could somewhat understand most of that, but the worst of it, completely unprofessional, is he randomly slams his spatula down and it is loud enough to startle me and other customers. I have actually talked to other normal customers and they said they have actually left the restaurant without ordering because of his temper tantrums. I do want to say I somewhat sympathize with him as I am sure it isn’t easy being the only cook when it gets busy, but I don’t believe doing the things he does is the correct thing to do.

The other place I have been to that I dealt with was from a manager of the restaurant. He very clearly said, “F*cking doordashers” and when a waitress asked me who I was picking up for he said, “WHO CARES?!?”.

I am sure there are a lot of bad doordashers out there that can be extremely annoying at times. And that goes with anyone being customers, employees, etc, but… the only thing I did was show up and try to pick up the order. I was very patiently waiting for my order. I have learned to be patient and if I feel the order isn’t worth the wait I cancel and move on to the next order. I do appreciate that DoorDash added the ability to cancel an order without affecting the completion rate, but… it does take 10 minutes past pickup time to be able to do so. I think the only time it is really worth canceling once it gets to that point is when it is really busy and I am sure I could make the money back I would have made from that order pretty quick or… I can tell it will for sure be a lot longer to pick up the order I am currently on.

I did want to post about the couple incidents I had happen somewhat recently, but… I do want to say these are rare occurrences as I have done 3824 deliveries and as far as I can remember these are the only 2 times I really had hate towards being a doordasher.

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