I am super tired so not sure if I will post a full blog or not. Mainly wanted to say I did eventually hit the goal for the day, but took me until 11pm from 10am. It was pretty slow today and there was just no orders until it randomly picked up and by the end of the day it was really busy and I could have made more, but just wanted to be done so I could get some sleep and do it again tomorrow. I would probably keep working today as long as it stayed busy and if I am awake enough, but I want to make sure I go to bed at a decent time so when my son stays over I can fall asleep when he does or at least close to it so I can wake up when he does.

I am going to publish this now and this may be all this blog is or I may decide to add more depending on how tired I am and currently I feel I may need to sleep soon, but I may be wrong and decide to write more we shall see.

Currently at $2100 of almost $2800 of paying off my Best Buy credit card. Getting there. Should have that one paid off by next week and on to the next one / my Mercury credit card. Once I get these all paid off I still plan on using them, just not going stupid like I did last year. Each card I will use for one purchase each month (most likely a tank of gas for the most part) and will pay them off. I had them pretty much all the way paid off before I did the car purchases and what not. Hoping just 1 more month and all will be good again.

I do have lots of ideas coming up for this website, youtube, my music and etc. Just need to be caught up on those cards I decided to get stupid with for awhile. I have a couple purchases in mind coming up once my cards are paid off and I actually have cash to spend on things. I don’t plan on buying anything major unless it could equate to making even more money or something I really need for daily life (a dresser is a big example of something I need to purchase, but have been putting it off, along with new shoes, new instacart bags, new doordash bags along with another catering bag (I actually bought around 6 new DoorDash bags recently, but they all started to fall apart in just a few days of buying them…), I bought a new catering bag and it lasted maybe 2 months max and fell apart badly, the older catering bag I purchased before a good year or so ago is still functioning for now for the most part.

By Friday I should have just enough to pay off my Best Buy Credit Card, but… I am probably going to wait until after the weekend to pay it off to make sure I have a few dollars to spend on my son while he is here. After that card is paid off, going to push for paying off my Mercury credit card (a balance of around $2000) next / hopefully in under 2 weeks. Then I will have a little over $3000 left to pay off then I will be good. Anyways, heading to bed I am crazy tired, I don’t think I can stay awake much longer and probably shouldn’t I should get some sleep and get back to it tomorrow, night / day all.

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