So have a just a couple minutes before I can even head to my order which is at Home Depot. I still have 3 minutes before it will even let me leave to the store. Hopefully it will actually be ready when I get there as it sits it says, “Getting Ready” so this somewhat bad order may be really bad depending on if it is ready to go when I get there. Spark is now owned by Walmart from what I understand, but… they still have orders for Home Depot on the Spark app, not sure if there is other stores that go through Spark, but that is all I know of around here.

Another order popped up for Safeway and it is decently better, but… I am trying to keep my drop rate down on Spark and also get my acceptance rate up even if that means doing a few bad orders. I have improved it a decent amount thus far as my acceptance rate was down to around 6% I think and I wasn’t really getting any orders at all. Now it is up to 54% and I am slowly, but surely seeing more and more orders again. I prefer not doing Spark, but it comes in handy when all the other apps are dead.

I can finally start my trip to Home Depot so going to head there now. Still shows Order Status as, “Getting Ready” so hopefully that won’t be the case when I get there or maybe they just forgot to change it to Ready after picking the order? I dunno. Anyways, off I go. I may add onto this blog later and write a little bit more about how the order actually went.

So I figured I would finish this blog before going to bed and say what happened with the order…

I got to Home Depot and my order still said, “Getting Ready”… I go to find an employee to get the order and I finally find someone and they told me I just have to get in line and wait my turn, I was like, “that isn’t usually how things work as the order has already been purchased and I just need to pick it up” and she just told me to get in line… I told her, “I may cancel as if I have to wait a decent amount of time it really isn’t worth it as I am only getting $7” she just ignored what I said. So I got in line and eventually got through it to the till and then guess who helped me once I got there? The same employee that told me I need to wait in line. She looked up the order and told me it hadn’t even been started being picked yet. So I just left, called Spark and they gave me $2.50 for at least showing up to the store and it not being ready yet. Not exactly what I was hoping for, but at least I got something. The order showed up again right after I canceled so I could have technically accepted it again, did the process once more and got another $2.50 and probably done that over and over, but I would have to do that 6 times in an hour to even get $15 an hour, so yeah I just shut off Spark and moved on to the other apps. I did open Spark up a couple times and didn’t really get anything so I made a total of $17 from Spark today I think. Overall my day turned out well enough especially since I dropped off my sons cleats & cell phone to him and watched his practice for awhile. I ended the day at around $250 thanks to Uber Eats promos I didn’t even know were happening. I only made $6.09 from one Uber Eats order, but the promos added $27+. I love Uber Eats for those random promos that I should probably pay better attention to. I prefer doing Uber Eats when there are orders available as they almost always pay better than DoorDash, but… it is random to see multiple orders from Uber Eats. Sometimes I don’t even see an order all day. All the apps come in handy though especially on slow days each one helps to get me at least one order going and to stay at least somewhat busy.

Anyways, I am heading to get so I can do it again. I meant to end the blog and maybe post more about the rest of my day in another blog, but this works well enough. Thanks to anybody that reads these. I will be promoting the website coming up once I get these credit cards all paid off, getting there…

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