So yes I have been busy with doing the apps and making as much money as I can, my other time off has been being filled up by a lot of chat with a person that I was somewhat into. I decided ultimately that she was taking up too much of my time so I ultimately decided to end it. Maybe, not in the way I should have, but sometimes it is better to just cut things off with no explanation when you realize the situation will not better my life and is just limiting what I can be accomplishing. Yes I did make sure to keep focusing on work, I was not focusing on this website and other important things I feel I should be while I am not doing the apps. I will be doing the apps less coming up once I get caught up on bills, but… I still planning on working just as much just going to split time between the apps, youtube and this website. Again I have no hard feelings for her, but… I realized I just needed to cut it off so I did. Plus it wasn’t just that, I just realized I didn’t want to be in that type of situation either way. I would like to go into further detail about all this as it is good to let things out, but… if I do so I may type up a private blog and just delete it as I don’t feel certain personal details should be public knowledge.

Anyways, I don’t think I will say anymore on here, but I do plan on trying to start blogging more and trying to get back to blogging at least something daily… But I do want to start writing more category blogs or have more specific details from my day (I probably will start making notes throughout the day to be able to more specific things as I can only remember so much of my day at the end of my day unless I spend a lot of time just working my mind to remember as much as I can.

Anyways, this may be the end of this blog as I plan on working on misc things about the website, possibly work on video games / coding or actually I probably should get my bills in order: when they are do, how much and etc all written down as I have my minimum bills coming up plus I want to get 1 credit card paid off by the 1st. Then after all that is paid all of next month’s pay will go towards the last 2 credit cards then touching up misc cards I have put small balances on. If all goes well I will finally be caught up by the end of next month and youtube + my website + my music & new album will get going on a regular basis before & after working with the apps. And may be 1 day a week or every 2 weeks will be devoted to work besides the apps. It has been a long road getting this debt squared away, but I feel I have reached the top of the hill and all that is left is the easy walk down the hill (hopefully it doesn’t get too steep and all goes well from here on out).

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