I think one of the things I am going to work on each day is thinking about what the title of my blog will be for the end of each day if I am planning on writing one. I may miss some days, but I do like to write and isn’t a big deal for me to type at least some kind of words out each day.

I think I am going to have to order new bags for DoorDash soon here and hopefully these ones will actually last as the last few that I have ordered have either had the zipper fall off in just a couple days or the stitching came apart after only a week and I can barely use those bags. I need to order another catering bag, but I really hope it lasts as the last bags I bought makes it seem like that isn’t promising. The original bag I got when I signed up with DoorDash lasted quite awhile until it finally fell apart along with the bag I got from my roommate (she only did a few orders of DoorDash and quit so she gave me her bag). The first catering bag I bought is still holding in there (the zipper eventually broke in half, but still kind of works and there is a small hole in the bottom of the bag, but it still is somewhat working. The second catering bag I bought it just pretty much trash at this point, the whole zipper lining came apart and the only thing I use it for is carrying heavy items together like 12 packs of pop and etc. The green instacart bags almost always last quite a bit longer, but I have no idea why they have no instacart logos or any kind of branding on the bags. I really feel that is the reason DoorDash is so popular is because of how well they do at the branding. I somewhat feel DoorDash is slightly going down hill because they aren’t focusing on quality merchandise like they used to as the merchandise I originally bought as a doordasher has lasted a good amount, but the last bit has been terrible.

I am watching Face Off currently as I randomly saw it on Prime Video and there has been a lot of memes including this flick recently so it did spawn me to want to watch it again. It is a pretty decent film it does make me want to watch Con Air for some reason. I have had a love / hate relationship with Nicholas Cage for quite awhile now. He has some good flicks and I do like some of his acting, but I also hate his acting and just how he goes about things. Not sure anyone else in the world talks or has a mouth quite like his lol.

I probably should write a bunch about today, but I am tired, maybe just a little bit as I would really like to get more template games going and possibly working on one of the ones already up…

So a key moment from today (I may possibly make a special blog series on key moments like this one? Maybe) is I delivered Little Caesars and when I picked up I looked through all the items on the order and got the 2L Rootbeer on the order then also picked up the other food. I looked through all items to make sure everything else was there and didn’t see the brownie so I asked about it. It wasn’t there so she went and grabbed one. I delivered and told her about how they almost didn’t get their brownie. I left and after I was a couple miles away I realized the Rootbeer was still in my car (I had put it in another bag to keep it cold and apart from the hot food). I was going to call the customer or at least message them, but… they must have ordered through the Little Caesars app as they didn’t show up in the messaging part of the DoorDash app, so I decided to drive back and deliver the Rootbeer. I parked and walked back up the stairs to their apartment and when they came to the door I handed them their Rootbeer. He told me to wait a minute. He went back into the apartment and came back out with a $10 bill and handed it to me. I was really happy about that. Sometimes making sure the customer has all of their items even after drop off can equate to a double tip as the original total was around $11 between tip and order pay, but the extra tip of $10 pretty much doubled that. I do have to say cash tips are very rare with doordash / maybe 1% of all tips, it does occasionally happen. I always try to give the customer the pickle and take care of them no matter if I get extra pay. It can be annoying when they don’t appreciate the effort or don’t tip more, but… the occasional customer who either tips more or shows their appreciation really means a lot. I just realized I have a full other blog to post, but not sure I will post it tonight as I am pretty tired… instead of a good key moment, this is the opposite of a good key moment, pretty much a terrible one. I am not sure if I will write about it here or write it in my notebook and save it for another time as it was really stupid… But some people are just out there to get things for free and not care about how it will affect their DoorDashers account and well being. Even though I went the extra mile for that customer… Blog coming on that soon, maybe tonight or some other time.

Going to post this blog and make sure a bat didn’t get in here as I heard what sounded like one getting in here then I heard nothing, so yeah… meh

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