Okay so today I went and paid every single credit card off I have / all the misc “small” balances that were left between them which equaled $2504.93. I am not sure why I didn’t realize that paying off most of the balance and leaving a little over $200 on each of my 12 credit cards would equal over $2,000 I thought it would just be around a thousand or so… Meh. Well at least I got those 100% paid off now. In close to 3 weeks of doing the apps nonstop / every day + no days off up to this point—I have managed to paid off over $5,000 in credit card debt and pay some bills thus far (paying all the ones that have to be paid as I go / close to pay day / bills owed at this time are currently at $1835.74 so will be working on getting all those paid off, then I will get back to paying off the last credit card then I will finally be good again (at least with credit cards). I am going to start posting again coming up and may post a video in the next few days, no matter how terrible the video may be. I guess youtube has a new policy and I think it is if you don’t post at least 1 video in 3 months you lose your monetization status and it has been over 2 months since my last video post so I better at least get something going again. I have a lot of awesome video ideas planned for once I get my credit cards paid up—was hoping to be there today, but I guess I got a couple more weeks of getting the last credit card paid off. To get started on things early I may just pay parts of the card each day and save some money for myself, bills and videos from now on as I am getting to the point of not making any money from youtube soon if I don’t start posting again. And I may just post some random gameplay for now also, but I need to at least get my youtube going again asap.

Anyways, I am tired as hell, going to watch a little bit more of The Simpsons and crash out. Things should start getting better again as long as I can find a good balance between doing youtube and doing the apps—I make good money doing the apps, but I can make a lot more from youtube if I get it going right as there is only so much one can make from the apps, but the sky is the limit with youtube if one can figure out how to get the views and revenue going. I hope to be up to where I was again soon here and hopefully much higher eventually.

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