So I finally did make enough to pay off my last credit card… and then clean ups start on misc credit cards with smaller balances… well… I went through all the remaining balances and it was a good amount higher than I expected. After paying off my Mercury card I still have $2,504.93 to go. I am still a lot closer than I was when I had well over $15,000 in credit card debt, but still I figured I just had another $1,000 to go and I would finally be good to go again. I am not quite there, but I do make around $200 a day, most days I make $200 after expenses so thought should just be another 2 weeks of work and I should actually finally be there. I am pretty exhausted there, I have worked 15 days in a row for 12+ hours every single day and going 5 more days to make it a good right at 20 days in a row. I guess this is a learning experience though and is something I will know never to do again. I am pretty frustrated, but the only thing I can do is keep going one day at a time making as much as I can until I am there. I badly need to get back to youtube, but I really want to have my debt paid off before I do. Anyways, I better get some sleep to focus on the next day as I am obviously not there yet…

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