So I think I am one of the better delivery drivers out there, but once I have been at it 12+ hours I get pretty exhausted and sometimes mess things up…

So I was about to head home and I got a pretty good order and a second one that was terrible. I took them both, picked them up then went to go deliver. It was a hand it to customer, but the customer didn’t come to the door, didn’t answer their phone on multiple call attempts and didn’t reply to messages. So the one somewhat good thing about Uber Eats is if the customer doesn’t respond it sets a timer for 8 minutes then you can cancel the order and “dispose of the food”—ie get free food. It is one of the reasons you always want to answer your phone or messages if you order Uber Eats as if you don’t respond the driver still gets paid the full amount and also gets the food. I almost feel bad about it, but… I am pretty sure the customer was drunk and passed out and if I left the food it would have just sat there all night and went bad anyways. I almost feel it is my good karma as the last Pizza Hut order I tried to call the customer to see if they needed change, as it was cash on delivery, but they never answered my call, message and didn’t call me back. So I went to Safeway to get change just in case and when I got there they didn’t need change, but… she handed me $34 when the amount of the order was 33.92 and then gave me $1 more and laughed when she handed it to me. So I got a $1.08 tip lol. It is what it is, but at least DoorDash paid higher on that order than it used to be for base pay for orders like this, in the past it was anywhere between $2 to $3 max and I got $5.50. Anyways, back to the order that the customer didn’t respond, so yeah I waited that time and forgot I had a second order and after I canceled the order the other customer messaged me asking if I was there to deliver (I was pretty close to the other customer, under a mile) so I called the customer to explain what happened, but I explained it badly and usually I explain things well and the customer is very understanding, this time he didn’t seem to be whatsoever… And when I got there I even offered him $5 for the extra wait time and it seemed like that made him angry. I have no idea who paid more as one order paid well, while the other one paid hardly anything. I am not counting on getting a tip from either of the orders. And I am counting on a thumbs down from the second order, but I guess we shall see. Just a few more minutes before I find out if there is actually a tip or if it gets removed, I wouldn’t blame him whatsoever for removing the tip. Oh and the reason I feel it is my good karma is because I got free Pizza Hut pizza because the customer was unresponsive, but… once I got home to see what I got realized it was nothing I really wanted to eat that bad anyways, but… I will for sure be eating it as I am budgeting as well as I can until I get these credit cards paid off so will be food for tonight (which I am eating a slice right now) and food for tomorrow. It is still edible and the pizza is decent enough.

Posting this now, but… will include if I got the tip or not once it has been long enough.

While I am waiting to see if I get my less than $5 tip I just thought I would mention that I am kind of watching Kicking & Screaming on Netflix. 36:07 in and there really hasn’t been a single moment besides the one from the Netflix preview that has made me want to actually give any real attention to it. But… usually I like movies like this one to kind of have sound in the background while I do other things like post blogs like this one.

So like I figured I didn’t get the tip, whatever it wasn’t hardly a tip to begin with and I realized the I am pretty sure guy that got a bit angry was the one I only got $5 for delivering to anyways and he didn’t even tip whatsoever / $0 tip. The ones that tip the least or $0 are usually the ones that are the least understanding and give the worst reviews. Anyways, I am exhausted going to try to sleep soon and do it all again tomorrow. (this movie is terrible thus far btw, I am about to shut it off, maybe it will get better, but feel like shutting it off now and going to bed).

P.S. I did watch the movie a bit more and it did finally get entertaining enough to watch it. It did become the same as so many kids sports movies though, almost the same plot except for the whole thing about him and his dad having a baby at the same time.

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