So the next 3 weeks will be the last push on the credit cards and I should have them all paid off within 3 weeks. I will be doing the apps every single day for 10 to 14 hours every single day. And will be pushing myself to go later and later as long as it stays busy enough / I at least get another order before I can make it home. So far I am up to 11pm, I tried to go until 11:15 tonight, but just got too exhausted and made it until right around 11:05pm I was going to do 1 more order, but am trying to accept everything currently on DoorDash and was worried I may get a long one and didn’t know if I had it in me to do anything except a short order. Trying to stay up a little later tonight also, but I am pretty exhausted from 12 hours today. I would have went 13+ today, but I had to take my car into Toyota to get my 30,000 mile maintenance. So at least I am good for another 5,000 miles until I have to take it in again. My guess is I may hit close to 35,000 miles over the next 3 weeks. But… At least I will finally be caught up and I can finally take some time off occasionally and buy myself a few things. I will still be using my credit cards, but only for 1 small purchase each month and then will be paying them off. From all the money I have put into paying off my cards my credit has improved a good amount. It is right at 688 currently and that still doesn’t include everything I have paid so far. At one point my credit dropped down to 559. Looking back over my credit score the last year it looks like it is already better than it was before I got my car and pretty much maxed out all my credit cards. Lots of things are coming up, just have to keep pushing and will finally be there. Just mainly another $3,000 or so to go plus misc. small balances.

Anyways, going to do a bit of gaming and head to bed I think… got to get up in the morning and do it all again.

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