So I went to send an email to my mailing list that I haven’t sent to in a long time and come to find out the free version only supports up to 500 users. Then the next one up which I needed to pay for to send the email is now costing me $27 a month. The largest plan which only goes up to 10,000 contacts cost $350 a month and there is no plan that goes higher if you want higher you have to pay for overages which can be extremely costly. I have no idea why such a basic service as a mailing list could cost so much. Going to be switching it out to a mailing list that is just a mailing list hosted by my webhost soonish here as I can pretty much have unlimited users signed up and emails sent through it. I don’t know how their service can get such high reviews, maybe from the free users that only deal with a small amount of sign ups. Anyways… my new video is up that you should check out if you haven’t already you can find it below:

STARTING OVER ON YOUTUBE: New House Tour and Fresh Beginnings! Part 1

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