So I am crazy busy all the time and don’t have a lot of money to work with with all my current expenses. I know, I said I should have more money to spend after I get all the credit cards paid off… Well, I paid them off and right as I did I finally was able to move out of the trailer I was living in, sell it and got my own house rental that I live at alone (except when my kids come over). Currently I am still having to work my butt off to keep up with everything, I am, but still money is tight so projects that I wanted to do won’t be happening, at least not yet, especially with all my youtube money zeroed out because of the copyright strike and deleting all my videos on my main channel.

Anyways, I finally have what I think is a good idea for my main channel. I plan on doing daily #shorts and then once a week or maybe once every 2 weeks (I haven’t decided quite yet) I will do a video combining all the shorts that I have made into one full edited video. I have most of the details together, but I think I will get at least the first short made and make a trailer for the series before I give any more details than this.

Also, I will be doing daily #shorts on my music channel also and have a good enough idea for that with the occasional full cover video.

I think that is about all I want to go over on this blog even though so much is going on and have so much I could blog about, but I am tired and want to try to sleep soon to get work going as early as I can tomorrow, I still have a lot of bills to pay this month.

P.S. I am planning on daily #shorts, but I may change it to certain days of the week depending on if I feel I can keep up or not. But I plan on trying to keep things consistent and plan on posting on whatever days I decide on. Will make another update soon once I start trying out my new ideas… Still working on gaming channel ideas or possibly a series (if I think of something tonight I may add to this post if not thanks for reading and hopefully I can get everything together, the extra youtube money again would really help me to maybe take some time off occasionally).

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