So I have deleted 100% of my youtube videos as being hit by Aristocrat was a scary thing as I have posted many videos on games that include their slot games. I did get offered a brand deal from Product Madness which is the company that produces the Cashman Casino slot games on the mobile game stores, but turned it down as I like being able to post videos how I post them without the restrictions that brand deals entail, but… I may have to take some brand deals coming up as I did delete all my youtube videos and I make no youtube revenue at all now. Going to be coming back and posting a video about how I deleted all my videos and will also be posting whatever videos I feel like that are copyright free and if I post a gaming video it will be a brand deal video as I want to not only make sure I have permission to post videos on certain games, but would like to make some extra money on the games I post. I may post some random gameplay videos of certain games, but will only be on games I know I can for sure monetize. So yeah my next goal is getting my youtube going strong again and even better than it was before either being random videos about what I have going on in life / the apps, random video games or other big videos ideas I have planned, but it will all be tied into this website and will be making sure to promote it and hopefully figure out a way to make some kind of money from this website.

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