So today I posted my trailer up on Facebook marketplace to try to sell it, there was a seller that said he 100% wanted to buy it and was coming to buy it with cash and would take around 3 hours to get here. I didn’t have the title on me so I drove all the way home to find it which I couldn’t find so I told him it was a no go if he had to have it today. He insisted he still wanted it and we could just do a bill of sale and deal with transferring the title later. So I said, “okay, just give me a heads up when you will be about 20 minutes away”. 4 hours went by and no call, I tried to call him it went straight to voicemail, I tried to message him, no message back. So at least so far no sale today, but hopefully soon. It would be nice to at least get back close to what I bought it for or at least enough to pay my rent. Luckily, I was working the whole time while I was waiting for him and I made my daily goal plus a little bit. Today was the first day I got back to work in about 3 days or so as I was dealing with moving and what not. I still have a lot more to do with the whole settling in process, but I am getting there.

My dad drove here and dropped off a washer for me, which is good as the place came with no washer / dryer, but the hookups were all setup and ready to go. So was easy to setup the washer. I can at least wash my clothes now (as long as the washer does actually work, I am pretty sure my dad got a washer and dryer from someone who got a new washer/dryer set because the dryer went out so the washer should work, but you never know). It has a little bit of stuff to clean inside of the washer so want to clean out that stuff, not much at all and does look decently clean. I was worried it was going to be a really old washer, but it actually does look decent enough. For now I guess I can just wash small loads and hang dry them for now until I get a dryer going. Not 100% ideal, but better than just having to wear dirty clothes all the time or going to the laundry mat and back which there isn’t exactly a close one around here (at least that I know of).

I am worried currently about my dad making it home as when he got here I could hear a slow leak in his tire and he said he didn’t have a spare and told him I could follow him home and he insisted he would be fine. The tire did seem like it went down a decent amount while his truck was sitting here so yeah a bit worried, but he should be home soon so my mom is supposed to give me a heads up when he makes it home, so I am anxiously awaiting confirmation that he made it so I can get some sleep soon and get more stuff accomplished tomorrow.

Going to get back to trying to relax a little bit before bed. Rewatching, “This Is The End” at the moment. I didn’t think it was all that good or all that bad the last couple times I watched it, but it is that middle of the road movie where it is just mediocre (at least that is what I remember thinking about the movie).

I sure wish the trailer sells soon and at least close to what I paid for it so I can put that money to either next months rent or other bills that I have incurred from the moving process.

Anyways, I am exhausted like usual at the end of the day so bye for now.

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