I have made a few youtube videos about this and I think I have mentioned this in blogs before, but… I put myself in a good amount of Credit Card Debt by buying my new car and buying a lot of random things last year. I have been slowly, but surely paying it off. I have 11 credit cards and currently I have 4/11 left to go to pay off. My next one is my Best Buy credit card which has a balance of $2700+. If all goes well I will have that paid off by Friday. It is has the highest balance of all my current cards so I feel if I get that paid off next it a little easier to pay off the last 3. If all goes well I should have all cards paid off by next month as long as I stay healthy and don’t get sick (fingers crossed).

After I get all this debt paid off I will be focusing more on youtube, this website, my music / putting out my new album…finally and etc. But I will still be doing the apps, but will be working less hours and putting my daily goal at a lower amount. I do well doing the apps / I make a good amount of money, but… the ceiling on the apps is only so high and with my youtube, my website, my music and etc the sky is the limit. I just need to put the work in on all of it and things will be going really good. Once I get my cards paid off I can actually spend some money instead of putting it all into credit cards, so I may actually get to do some fun things like go on at least a mini vacation or go out to do karaoke occasionally.

Anyways, I am trying to get today going, I already turned on Instacart and nothing is doing. Reminds me though I better go brush my teeth and etc to make sure I am ready to go once I get an order. I may write more on this in a few if I don’t get orders right away or this may be the end of this blog.

Off to start my day I just got my first order, which pays well enough, but I have to drive 15 miles to the middle of nowhere. Worth it though. May post again later during slow times though.

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