So today I woke up decently early and went to my son’s soccer game. Always good to see him active playing some kind of sport. I am enjoying seeing the his and the teams improvement over the games. Th coaches are doing a really good job imo of teaching them the game and getting them to play better.

So I went to sleep last night eventually and just before I fell asleep I heard yet another bee. I got up and killed it and luckily there were no more after that. I woke up and still didn’t see any. I went to the game and came back and there were 2 more bees. So I went to Home Depot—-it was crazy in there / super packed—-and got me some bug bombs to hopefully kill the bees and keep them from coming back. If it doesn’t work it means I need to search for hives and hope it will be easy to get to and take out.

Currently I am on my phone writing this and waiting for my next order. I didn’t get the apps started until noon and have only done 1 order thus far. Hopefully it picks up. Yesterday did take forever to hit my daily goal as the orders were all pretty mediocre, but… at least I had an order pretty much at all times. I hate the wait of no orders. Guess it is time to turn on Spark and possibly Lyft if I still see no orders. Anyways, going to get to driving around and fish for orders.

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