So I didn’t realize it had been 10 days since I posted a blog on this website. I guess I have just been too busy trying to get caught back up from all the moving spending I had to do. Going to be awhile on that, but I am in a good position to make even more money and get things going well on youtube again. I am still working on the first youtube video back. I got the video down under 8 minutes, but I am debating cutting it even further to around 4 minutes or so or just try to work with what is there and get it back to 8 minutes so I can add some extra ads to the video. Currently I don’t think I am worried about earning from youtube at least not yet. Luckily I am in a good position where I can get by without any youtube earnings as before if this were to have happened with needing to delete all youtube videos there is no way I would have been okay in life without that income. I do want to make a lot more from youtube eventually so I can take time off from the apps occasionally and feel like I actually have some money instead of needing to constantly work and spend the money I have on bills and things I need. I am doing pretty good, but I could always be doing better. Just don’t see a vacation coming for the foreseeable future, but I do see myself getting back into youtube heavily while also doing the apps. Things are really good in life now, but I want to keep working to make things even better as in my opinion no matter how good things are you can always make them better and also try to prepare for anything that may happen like if I were to get sick and couldn’t work for awhile I have prepared a way to make sure I can pay for everything through some time if I were to have to take time off. I am currently working towards not only being good on that, but also being good on everything so I can buy extra things I really want and also just have extra money in the bank. I have so many goals that I have accomplished and many more I am working towards. Anyways, I better get going and get to working the apps today. My new youtube video should be fully done and up by next week no matter if I feel it is 100% finished or not.

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