So today I didn’t make as much as I would have liked, but I did eventually hit my goal by around 11pm. I didn’t make much more than goal, but at least I got there. I did drive way too much though I think I drove right at 300 miles today. I had a couple orders that were pretty far. One order was a good 40 miles in total for both ways and another was a good 30 miles. It was one of those days where I felt I had to accept anything and everything or else there was no way I was going to make much of anything. One thing that frustrated me to start the day was I got a 1 star review on DoorDash and not 100% sure of the reason why I got that review. I thought about it all day and couldn’t think of a single order that had any real issues with any of them. I also got a 4 star from someone else that again I am unsure of what caused that. I had 4.99 before today and now I am at 4.94. I usually can figure out the reason for bad reviews, for example I am sure I know the reason I got the 4 star review that got me down to 4.99 as I am sure it was because I got a little impatient with one of the customers who didn’t respond after initially responding and caused me to go a good amount past goal time of a shopping order.

Anyways, I am somewhat watching A Man Called Otto while I write this blog. Maybe it is a good movie I am not sure, from the little bits and pieces I have watched it seems somewhat interesting, but have been doing other things that have kept my attention.

Hopefully tomorrow goes better than today as hitting goal doesn’t frustrate me quite as much as not hitting it, but still I prefer at least hitting goal plus daily expenses and I didn’t get there like I wish I would have. I could have kept going, but it was decently slow and felt it was better to go home and try to sleep decently soon so I can hopefully wake up at a decent hour and hopefully make more tomorrow. Anyways, off to bed, I still need to make around $1200 to pay off my next credit card then I have clean ups to do. It is a little frustrating as I don’t think I will quite be there by the 23rd as I was hoping to be there by. I should have the next card paid off, but then the rest of the money I make will most likely need to go to monthly bills and also will need to have some money to spend when my son comes over. I would almost work that weekend also, but have to take pictures & dj at my sisters wedding—plus my nieces birthday is the day after. And I am hoping both my kids will be at either or even better both. I have got to get there so I can start making youtube videos on a regular basis again as my channel is dying badly lately, hopefully I can change that just as soon as I get my credit cards paid off.

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