So tomorrow I should finally be at enough money to pay off my final credit card and then will just be left with misc small balances that I think equal around $1,000 or so. But… I will be waiting to pay anything on the card for a few days while I accumulate more money to pad my account for my upcoming bills just in case I get sick or anything comes up. So far so good. I am finally getting close to being caught up enough to be able to get back to youtube, my music, taking a little time off occasionally, work & promote this website and etc that I have mentioned multiple times through blogs.

Today I woke up and had no motivation and almost gave up on today, but… pushed myself to get through it and still hit goal plus some. I could have made more tonight, but wanted to get home to relax for a little while, clean up a bit and hopefully get to sleep by midnight or so so I will feasibly wake up at a decent hour.

Anyways, off to clean a bit and head to bed soonish here to do it all again tomorrow. I am more than halfway through doing another close to 3 weeks straight doing the apps with no days off for around 12 hours a day +/- a few depending. Last time I made it up until the last day or so until I finally needed a day off, that may happen this time or may not as I will be getting days off from Friday to Sunday either way. After I get this next credit card paid off and all my monthly bills any money I make will go to the remainder on my credit cards and then I will finally have actual money to spend again… This has been way too long of a process I really shouldn’t have spent so much last year.

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