So last night I updated the site design and made it a bit better. There is a few misc things that I need to remove from importing the theme as it came with filler / example content that I did remove most of it, but there are a few small things around the site I will need to remove soon here. I also want to figure out how to change the site colors from the yellow and black to a light blue / black. Also there may be a link or two not working which I will do a check of all links coming up and either fix them or remove them coming up. After that I think the site is pretty well put together and will be good enough soon here to start promoting the site. In the future I may change the site design, but I think this design does work and look a good amount better than the previous one I had before.

I will be adding a lot more to the site and trying to make the home / main page have things that change a good amount more so there is a reason to keep coming back, but at least this design does have a few of those aspects like: the added search feature, the recent posts section, the breaking at the top (which I may either change or remove I haven’t decided if it is good to have on the site how it is or not, but maybe?), recent comments (so if anyone comments on a post it shows up on the front page), plus archives and categories to easily find either blogs from past months / years or find specific blogs about certain things (will be adding more categories and if possible will only have the main page show top level categories instead of every single category).

Anyways, I have to get today started I want to make at least some money today.

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