So I pretty much got the video where I am ready for it to be uploaded, but… for some reason it won’t render and will get to 80% then just fails. So hopefully I will get this figured out tomorrow or at least very soon. I was planning on getting the first video going by tomorrow, but… I think I will wait til my numbers on youtube are pretty much 0 like I said I was planning on a bit back. But again… I plan on setting up a schedule where I post at least 1 video every 2 weeks if not more so soon here. I do have to work way more than I would like to, but I really want to get my youtube going again and this time all content 100% sure I am abiding by copyright laws and what not. Anyways, I am going to try to sleep to get back to work as early as possible tomorrow. Lots of good things coming up, but I have a lot of bills currently and have to make sure to pay them…

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